9/1/2021 Unengaged Lead 3 Step followup

Email Broadcast

Email #1


Recently, you inquired on one o four Real Estate Facebook Ads in the XXXXX Area. Going through our CRM today, we noticed we don’t have you activated on our private homes account. I have just few few simple questions. ‘

  1. Are you still considering a h one in XXXX Area?
  2. We would like to active your homes account ASAP. There is no obligation and we want to make sure you are keeping up with what is going on in the market.

You can activate your homes here. Or feel free to reply to this email and I will will get you set up ASAP.

For a lot of our clients Text and Phone calls are easier. I will be reaching out a little later around the 2pm time today. Will you be available?

SMS 1 – Goes out when you promised above

Hey FNAME, I sent an email earlier today about XXXX Market homes. I just wanted to see if texting is easier for you. Are you still in the market for a home? – Agent Name 

I’ll reach out tomorrow via a call to see if that is easier for you. Will you be around at 10am?

Call the next day @ ther time mentioned in the SMS

Script: (customer service)

Hey Fanme, Agent Name with Team Name. Yesterday I sent an email and a text but I was think a call may work better. Are you still considering a move in Market?