6/12/2020 Skill Set Call – The Art of Influence

Rough Notes

the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Said a different way:
Influence is your ability to allow the client to realize their goal with their own actions.

For those of you that have kids:

  1. You can explain an outcome
  2. Or they can learn through action/consequence

Which do you think they will learn from quicker?

In easy markets we lose sight of the importance of influence.

IE buyers write to win. Seller list to sell. The market momentum dictates the success.

What about in every other market though like we are in right now?

Some of you are having price reduction talks right now.
Some of you are having to level expectations with buyers on getting their contracts accepted.

When there is uncertainty, people stall. They don’t need to be sold they need to create safety around buying or acting.

So what is the root of influence:
Asking questions.

Your clients already know the answer.

They are stuck in the what if….

What if I can pay less
What if there is another home
What if that one buyer will pay my price

What if is a valid thought bu it causes procrastination

In the acquisition economy, (Buying and selling) this will almost certainly put the client at a disadvantage.

So asking questions is great but how do we put his in practice?

When you can attach the desired outcome with the needed decision, influence is realized.

Here is the secret…. The client has to affirm.


There is no movement in explanation.

A different perspective.

How many times did your parents lecture you as a kid where you weren’t thinking something to the effect of “yeah right, you have no idea what youre talking about.” Or the flip side of “yeah but you don’t understand me or where I am coming from.

See the difference?

Here is the second benefit when the client affirms or acknowledges it… They believe it was their decision. It was but you came to it together. Now you’re a team.