The Property Details (6:48)

The Property Details

  1. What they want to buy
  2. Where they want to buy
  3. When they want to MOVE

Describe – great detail what their looking for.

It is time to move on when….
Know the emotional reasons to buy

Do me a favor – describe the perfect home to me….
Talk as long as they want here…

Then… Fill in the blanks

Looking for to move on…

  1. Size of home
  2. Beds baths sqft etc
  3. Turn key
  4. Architecture

Are there any neighborhoods you’re considering right now?

When (move in date)
NO NO – do not ask when they want to start the process

  1. Summarize Their needs
  2. Ask for move in date

When I find that home for you, when would I have to have you moved in by?

That was a soft close