4282021 – First Team Overview and Expectations

The meeting notes are also in the shared drive. Here they are below as well:

  1. What we do
    1. Coach them to build teams and businesses that have equity, are sustainable and scalable through leverage
    2. Lead gen / conversion / Appointment master / Ops and Recruiting
    3. We believe they should own everything ‘ NO RE leased tech
      1. Glide / Zillow / Contactually examples
    4. The RE market is super confused right now in how it is going to grow… Zillow is the culprit
  2. Coaching Overview 
    1. The market challenges
    2. Our promise to them
    3. Why we do what we do
  3. How to coaching call structure work
    1. Win
    2. Acknowledge what the needs are
    3. Screenshare and solve
    4. End the call with completion not continuation
      1. If the call is too detailed – set expectations at the beginning
  4. How to access notes and reporting in Keap
    1. Opportunities
      1. When moved to the completed stage an auto email will go out with all the notes to the client
  5. The member dashboard
    1. Initial is live and you should have received a in and paw
    2. Entire site will be unlocked shortly
    3. Events will be put in there in addition to emailing you
  6. Growth
    1. right now
      1. 10 clients
    2. Goals
      1. 25 per quarter growth to 100
  7. Team needs
    1. ISAs now
    2. Logo designer – referrals?